Let it Be a Good Day

As I sit at this table, about to write a post about how one can go about improving every day, I hear the kind voice of the foreigner next to me say in farewell: “have a good day.” As automatic as this exchange might be, if we fill our ‘have a nice day,’ with some meaning, I think that it can be one of the most beautiful wishes we can grant upon another person. Because we learned, and we know, that everything revolves around today. So what do we do with our todays? That’s what I sat down to write about. In an article, which I wrote about two years ago, I spoke about four things I do every day. Subtracting, learning something new, moving toward my primary goals, and enjoying myself. Now I want to expand this concept.

*Start your day on a positive note.

This is actually an element that really affects the day’s entirety. You already know how I feel about the snooze button. Instead of waking up in a state of discombobulation, we can aim to be peaceful and calm. What’s important is designating a morning ritual that’s good for us. In the face of all the research, which states that writing or meditation brings positive results, you have to explore what is right for you. A morning walk or run, for example, could be a great idea since we’re having such nice weather recently.

*Specify your priorities.

After having enjoyed your breakfast to the fullest, specify the two or three things that you need to accomplish that day and which will make a significant impact in your life. Of course, you’ll also have other small tasks that need to be completed, but don’t allow these to overshadow those specified goals. Another factor that you’ll have to consider carefully is that your concentration is not disturbed by outside forces. Some of the major perpetrators are e-mail, modes of instant communication, and social media. If you can manage to check and answer these in certain specified time periods, you’ll notice that your days become much longer.

In the evening, focus on the small errands. Since you tackled the major accomplishments in the morning (or already eaten a live frog), you can merrily concentrate on your other tasks. At this point, some time management skills can be quite helpful.

*Clear work from your mind during certain hours.

If you’re working for a company or have your own office, try to be in control of when you leave the office and not to think of work when you do depart. Don’t forget that you’ll have to be charged in every sense of the word so that your mind and body can serve you in the healthiest manner. The largest error you can make in this regard is to check your work e-mails in the evenings and on weekends like an overachieving student. If an extraneous circumstance does arise, try to be a problem solver but don’t be fooled or let yourself be fooled by what this situation entails.

*Enjoy yourself.

Let there be something every day that you look forward to. Curling up into a corner with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, having a chat with a close friend over a glass of wine, or going to the movies alone are just some examples.

*Stay active

In this particular category the best path is discovering what type of exercise you enjoy. As you liberate yourself from the ‘I couldn’t make it to the gym today,’ syndrome you’ll also derive joy from whichever kind of exercise you have chosen (AKA getting up in the morning with all the enthusiasm of a TV commercial due to the motivating force of jogging on the beach in the early morning silence).

*Spend time with the people you love.

As cliché as this may sound, it’s something we often overlook in our fast paced lived. Don’t be one of those people who can’t make time for their loved ones because of a busy life. Make time. And remember, nothing in life can replace those memories.

*Get your sleep.

You’re familiar with my sensitivity when it comes to sleep. Even if you can fool me into believing that you can manage with a few hours of sleep, you can never fool your body! When you get the amount of sleep you require it’ll feel like a magic wand has been bestowed on your life.

Wishing you a lovely day.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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