Soil Aeration

I think, for me, the most positive effect of living simply is my renewed desire in wanting to give life to everything. I call it soil aeration. Just as soil aeration is done to provide better conditions for a plant’s growth, we can do the same for our lives. Let’s think about our desks. Notes piled on top off one another, folders, books and whatever else there is. Maybe we have created little towers for ourselves. Some may find this mess inspiring – which I have nothing against – but I do have a condition. We must be in control of those towers. If the bill that we’ve been trying to find for months is stuck between the folders, if the project proposal has been sitting there for months, then maybe it is time for some soil aeration.

I believe in the importance of soil aeration in our living spaces as well as our relationships. It could be rearranging certain furniture to gain a new perspective on our surroundings or enlivening a relationship that has stalled due to routine. To me, it is all about giving life and adding value.

I say start by enlivening the tired areas of your apartment. Do some soil aeration to areas filled with objects that have been in the same spot for years and see what comes from underneath them. Maybe just trash or a treasure waiting to be found again.

Then let’s move on to our relationships. To our work, to our whole life. Let’s get refreshed. Let everything smell of soil and let us all feel good.


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