The Year’s Oscars

We talked about how setting smaller goals, rather than burdening ourselves with larger aims, was more effective in the long run. However, whether we set a goal for the future or not, reflecting on the past year may be salubrious for you (as much as it is for me). If you concur, then let’s focus this year’s last post on this topic and give out the Oscars for our lives in 2017. Make your coffee, take out a pen and paper, and get ready to animate your creativity!

Let’s begin by giving our film a title: Gateway of Worries, There’s Still Hope, Irritable Relationships, The Price of Courage, A New Love…Then let’s decide on a genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi? Next is a synopsis of at least two sentences: “The man/woman who is trying to realize their career dreams/find their other halves/fix their relationship/be a good mother or father/find themselves are faced with unexpected obstacles. Only a tiny happenstance changes their whole lives.” Of course no plot is complete without a twist! We definitely have to think about how we can attract viewers.

So, who is in the leading role? Were we able to express our personality and stand behind our decisions in our film of 2017? Is our plot truly unique? Or is it a copy of the previous year? Who are the supporting roles? What is the film music? What are the standout venues? What about the best costume design? Best hair and makeup? The most unforgettable moments in the genres of drama and comedy?

Whatever has crossed our minds, we don’t have to be dispirited while reflecting on the past year. It’s enough to be able to laugh at our mistakes. Of course, writing a new script, so as not to repeat our mistakes in the new year, is a very Oscar worthy idea.

A happy new year to us all!



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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