The Most Well Known Road to Failure: Inconsistency

Our traditional ‘Last week of December’ meeting with Secda, who has quite the magical place in my life, was once again under the influence of a riveting book. In our shared world with keywords such as library, notebook, comics, and London, we talked about the inspiration we bestow upon each other, as people who avidly pursue the things that awaken our passion and excitement. We talked about how her designs were copied and the inconsistence of the copycats! And how the words “You can succeed because everyone is lazy,” was at first harsh to the ears but really did carry truth.

Putting aside the theme of imitation, we all have various dreams, desires, and aims on the path to change. Some of us are unable to take that first step due humanity’s excelled talent in procrastination, while some of us take that exuberant first step full of determination and motivation and are then unable to continue forward.

In light of Ege’s post from last week, when I look at my life I realized that apart from not giving up on things that are inspirational to me, I was able to take on a new habit that I really wanted. After being aware of the importance of meditation for years but not being able to make it part of my daily routine, I felt the much deserved pride of having meditated every morning for the past five months.

I think “consistency,” is a good word. We should make space for it in our lives. It is what has brought us here every Thursday for more than two and a half years.

We should first know why we want something, then we have to take that first step. And then another, and another…



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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