If the Whole World Believed In This

We’re in an age where we’ve literally memorized the necessities of a good life. How much of it we’re ‘actually doing,’ however, is dubious. A lot of things whose benefits we’re overtly aware of, disappear from our lives before reaching the holy status of ‘habit.’ One of the things I personally struggled with to make part of my life was meditation. The calendar I prepared in light of a desire to approach this life with awareness and joy, progressed as such: 10 days full, two days empty, six days full, 66 days empty…This persisted until I found the best path. When I became acquainted with Aware, my phone’s most precious app, a very magical period began. Apart from generously presenting me with meditation’s known benefits (a clear mind, a healthy body etc.) it also bestowed me with changes I never even expected. And perhaps it justified the necessity to break away from expectation in order for the magic to truly take place.

*Being mentally fit

Getting my sleep was always the first requirement for feeling mentally fit. One of the most precious gifts was learning that my mind and body could function with less sleep when I performed regular meditation. Even though this situation doesn’t translate to me getting five hours of sleep every night, it allows me to act more freely when I want to replace a few hours sleep with another activity.

*Increase of tolerance levels

The chatter of people in front of me in the supermarket line when I’m in a hurry doesn’t anger me anymore, for example. Or I don’t grumble over things that didn’t go as planned. In a country that often pushes the boundaries of civility, I can say that I’ve become much less prone to the corrosive effects.

*Decrease in the desire to persuade and control

As a person who was once quite insatiable in terms of defending what I believed was just, I now only carry healthy amounts of persuasion. Instead of struggling with things that are out of my control, I direct my energy toward things I can actually change.

If I had a magic wand (and if that didn’t contradict the above mentioned statement) I would want everyone on this earth to have the patience to discover the magical benefits of meditation,

To be able to witness the loss of meaning for such sentences as, “it’s impossible for me to quiet my mind,” “I don’t have time,” “it’s not for me.”

Let me finish this post with a statement I heard:

“To really open your eyes, sometimes you have to close them.



Translated by Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

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